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“I have no hesitation in recommending Alexia Leachman and Blossoming Brands - the process we engaged in was strategic, insightful, thought-provoking, which I found extremely engaging. Each part of the process built on the next, and we were able to clear the runway for some meaningful and critical thinking on myself and my company Bravo Lima, creating an exciting series of flight paths and destinations to focus on. Not only that, I had a lot of fun along the way, so if you are thinking of investing in Alexia's programme, just go for it - and don't forget to fasten your seat belts!”
Ben Leon, Bravo Lima

“Very insightful - made me think about the important stuff for the first time
Brian Lloyd Duckkett

“Really relevant and enjoyed the presentation - great delivery and humour! Alexia definitely knows her stuff. Would not hesitate in recommending.
Graham Bassett

“Through Alexia's Personal Branding session I learnt new ideas and techniques to enable me to focus on the personal impact aspect of my business. I have been inspired to be more confident in being authentic, real, unique and unleashing my personality. I am now looking forward to developing my personal brand through my business and to achieving greater success.”
Lyndsey Young. Open Design & Communication Ltd

“As someone with an established personal brand that i personally am happy with it reminded me that i need to update various sections of my website(s) and alter certain aspects of my social media output to reflect what people are searching for in me rather than i what i assume they want - a valuable 'timeout' to reflect on my branding and to quantify some of the questions i have with my gremlins - a worthy session to attend. Thank You.
Phil Campbell
[email protected]

“Thank you very much for the session. I really enjoyed it and it really provoked me to think about a lot of things. I would definitely recommend you to friends & colleagues.
Rachel Gregan

“Just a quick note to thank you for superb presentation today. It was truly a great presentation and ended the day off on a great note. You are obviously very passionate (and knowledgeable) about your trade.
Stuart Maun

“Alexia is an excellent presenter who understands her subject completely. Her workshop was fascinating and she takes a personal interest in those around her. You get a real sense that she puts her customers first. I really enjoyed the session.
Jackie Dunn,

“Great intro to a really fascinating area of personal and business development. Provided some pointers for homework too!
Sally Hodgson,

“Lively, friendly presentation with plenty of food for thought and action. Thanks!

“Alexia has an engaging, inclusive style and is clear and informative.
Sarah McNicol, Nottingham Trent University

“Very informative & useful meeting - worth more than gold!
Anuj Khana

RT @pcmcreative: @lucyhg: the @BBrands event will give u plenty to think about + lots of good energy!" you said. You were right!

“@AlexiaL - great to meet you last night. @openbuilders and I took a lot away with us and felt really inspired to bring about some action.

“Thank you for an excellent session Alexia! I found the session really informative and engaging and it enabled me to focus on and action the development of my own personal branding. An invaluable session for new start-ups like myself!”
LS. Setting up her new coaching and development business

“Very informative & helpful
Christine Eissengarthen

“Very punchy, informative & thought provoking
Edwina Momon, Exousia Consulting