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Personal Brand Coaching

Who's this for?

  • You're serious about managing and developing your personal brand and want to make sure that you stay on track
  • You recognise the importance of having a personal brand coach on your team to help you to be your best
  • You're committed to being a success and know that it's easier when you are well supported

What is it?

Periodic coaching sessions that fit in with your schedule. These can be bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly.

The sessions can be done face-to-face, over the phone or via skype.

What you get

  • Regular dedicated sessions with a Personal Brand Coach who is familiar with your goals and aspirations
  • Frequent access to a personal brand expert to review your Personal Brand Plan if and when needs or opportunities arise
  • Support and assistance should any obstacles, hinderances or HeadTrash get in your way.

How much?

The cost of Personal Brand Coaching will be dependent on the level of support that you require. Packages start at 399 per month.

If you sign up to our Personal Branding Coaching programme, you get a Personal Brand Planning session for HALF PRICE!

Get in touch now to find out more.