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Head Trash Clearance Testimonials & Experiences

"Alexia Leachman is one of the finest practitioners in Reflective Repatterning. Her understanding of the frameworks ands her very gifted psychic intuition makes her a practitioner of the very highest standard. Anyone would be lucky to have the chance to work with Alexia."
Chris Milbank, Founder and Discoverer of Reflective Repatterning

This client's sister and mother were interfering with her wedding plans and she was feeling misunderstood. As a result her relationship with both her mum and her sister were becoming emotional & strained.

"Something has definitely shifted after our Head Trash session, I had a nice email from my sister that evening and I have spoken to both her and my mum since and it's all very cool, they're not interfering - I feel different too… good vibes all over : ) so thanks for the magic lady!!"

City high-flyer & MBA graduate:

"We often take the powerful impact of imagery and language for granted, I'd considered using NLP for allergies and positive framing before, but hadn't realised that it could be so effective in shifting some deep seated patterns and associations. I've always been quite successful in business and had had a great network of friends and family, but I felt stuck in a rut. After my session with Alexia I was buzzing with energy. I felt like I had started the ignition on my own internal engine to really start heading off in the direction that I DID want rather than getting weighed down with what I DIDN'T want".

This client wanted to have more presence and stature:

"I just had to call many bonkers things have happened since our session! And, my body shape has changed! I take up more space and am standing taller!"

A coach was concerned that one of their clients was avoiding coming to sessions due to personal issues. Their calls were being avoided and no further commitment was given to carry on the coaching relationship. Within an hour of the session, their client sent them a text asking them if they could fit them in the following Monday.

"Positive, inspiring and empowering. That is how I found the RR experience with Alexia. At times, sitting in the position with your hand strategically placed over your face felt strange, but I stayed with the moment and the words seemed more potent. Following the session, my awareness had increased and I found myself more self-nurturing and accepting of myself."

"Having tried NLP before, I'd developed more confidence and energy for making some important decisions in my life. But there was a very deep personal emotional pain that was holding me back from being truly happy with where I was right now. I had the drive and ambition, but I still felt a persistent residue of something that was blocking me from fully enjoying life. I tried RR expecting to have a similar experience to NLP. But what I found was that the two were totally different. In simple terms NLP is for the head and RR for the heart. NLP provides clarity of thinking and helped me make decisions. RR provides emotional clearing; it takes the intense charge out of a situation and puts you in control of what you feel, not just what you think or how you act. This means that the decisions you make not only logically make sense, but you FEEL good about them. Being happy and in control of your own destiny is priceless


After my first session with Alexia I noticed a major shift, it's like a old stinky armchair being taken out of a familiar room. The room is still the same room but the chair is gone. I found it quite strange at first, emotionally I still expected to walk into the room and find it there. Other therapies seem to focus on analysing, understanding or 're-framing' how the 'stinky chair' got there in the first place, but that doesn't help you move on. RR simply gets rid of it, Alexia calls it 'head-trash' I can't think of a better phrase. Other people really noticed a difference in me, I came across more grounded and 'chilled' but still had bags of energy, probably more than I had before. Kick out that trash and reclaim the sense of space and calm. I know I have. Powerful stuff!"


A start-up entrepreneur was working on her fear of debt and insecurity. Her financial situation was strained and she needed to borrow some money to see her through a tricky patch. She had been trying to obtain a credit card for several months. Within two hours of the session, she received a call from one of her banks saying that she had been pre-approved for a credit card and was offered a card with £12k credit (in a recession!). This is despite being in year 1 of her business with no demonstrable proof of income. The credit card arrived two weeks later.

"Wanting to resolve slight blockages I placed upon myself I decided to ask Alexia to give me an RR treatment. I had no expectation and was amazed at the process.

The first impression was of just how light and happy the process was. Belying its lightness of touch, I found the experience very powerful. I found myself exploring thoughts and concepts that had never presented before.

Following the session and observing the way I am, I noticed some quite profound and positive changes. My thoughts are more clear generally but also relating to the issues that I was looking to resolve. I feel ‘more in my strength', more 'solid' more rooted.

I have even noticed changes in the way I carry myself. The session has both improved my sense of self and the way that I present my truth to the world. Trust is more anchored in every aspect of what I do. I am more effective than before.

This is an amazing treatment method and extremely powerful.

Thank you Alexia."


"Following a minor sports injury my breathing became heavy and I felt a constant weight in my chest, and often I struggled to get a sentence out without having to consciously pause to take a deep breath. My doctor told me it was stress, but the funny thing was, I felt fine. I've been a lot more distressed in my life, been through some pretty rubbish times, but now I was really happy and felt lucky to be me... I just struggled to breathe! My injury healed and I got back in my running shoes.. but the breathing problem persisted. I changed doctors and went through a series of tests - blood tests, lung tests, x-rays, ECG's and so on - all of which told me how wonderfully healthy my body is! I could only conclude that it was psychological, and began to recognise that although I felt grateful for what life brings me, I was very frustrated in a lot of areas of my life. My work, which I'm very passionate about, is often held up by bureaucracy, I had recently had my values challenged by friends letting me down, and I felt a certain inertia in my life. All of this frustration was covered up by a perhaps 'British' sensibility of being firmly grateful for all the things I am lucky enough to have, and not wanting to complain, or ask for what I really want on top of all that.

My session with Alexia is difficult to describe because it covered so much in just a couple of hours. I was asked to connect with my feelings of frustration, and though this wasn't particularly hard, I found it got easier during the early part of the session... because I felt that nothing was happening. I felt that I should be feeling something, doing something, and anxious that I wasn't doing it right and was letting Alexia down! Her professional manner made me able to tell her this, and her sincere reassurance and patience made it possible for me to be totally open with her, which, as it turned out, I couldn't have been anything but.

We went through a series of exercises, and at each stage she would ask me if I felt any changes. Gradually, at key words or phrases, I felt a shift, often a chill washing through my body (despite being under two thick blankets!). These intensified over the session, until I had what I can only describe as a truly profound experience. An unstoppable wave of intense emotion came over me and my breathing suddenly became HUGE! It was as if my lungs were making up for 6 months of not being able to breathe - my chest felt like it was reaching for the ceiling! All the weight I felt in my chest was pushed out, and I was drawing in great volumes of air as my whole body became suddenly really hot.

Other things then began to happen - my head started to ache at specific points, which we then addressed directly to find their cause. I was totally astounded at the symbolism that my mind came up with- a skull, a duck, a gate, the letter A - each one seemed so random at first, but then because of my story and my life experiences, each gave total clarity on a different aspect of my frustration. Things I had never said out loud or admitted to myself before came out, and each time I felt a release of energy. And as Alexia dealt with it, in her incredibly compassionate and nurturing way, another chill, another change made.

If nothing else, the session made me laugh at all the time I have spent trying to find explanations and meaning to my breathing problems, while the answer was there within me just waiting to have its voice and be listened to.

A few days on, and I am still seeing the shifts. I am still yawning: learning how to yawn again! It feels incredible to be able to do something so simple that I haven't been able to do for months. The weight in my chest simply isn't there any more, my lungs still feel huge and healthy.

I seem unable to really get het up about the things I used to- I feel far more serene. It's not that I feel spaced out, more that I'm able to be 'in the moment' and yet somehow be more objective at the same time.

I keep waking up earlier than usual, without an alarm, but not tired, and not full of energy, just awake. I listened patiently and attentively through a whole conference at work when normally at these events I'd be dreaming or scheming or planning something else at the same time as half- listening. My energy is more consistent throughout the day.

Time seems to have slowed, in that before I was always rushing and late. I've been early or bang on time for every single thing I've done this week, and I've not rushed for anything. There just seems to be more time, which is very strange to me, but wonderful.

I can't thank Alexia enough for the profound changes I've experienced during and since my session. It's given me a renewed respect for my own mind and body, and I will make sure I listen much better to myself in future. It's a session I couldn't recommend enough - if you want true lasting change in your life, then this is the way to make it."


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