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What's your story?

  • Are you struggling to introduce yourself with confidence?
  • Are you curious to find out what others think of you?
  • Does your elevator pitch sound wooden and predictable?
  • Are you looking to stand out and get noticed?
  • Do you know what impression you create?
  • Would you like to be able to tell your story in an interesting and compelling way?
  • Do you need to define yourself clearly to progress professionally?
  • Would you like to find out what makes you unique and different?
  • Does your personal brand need a bit of attention?

Then you need to attend...


What's my story? Boot Camp

What is it?

"What's my story?" Boot Camp is an intense programme that you jump into feet first. The exciting blend of group manoeuvres, secret missions and laser thinking will push your comfort zone! But it'll all be worth it, because by the time you get out you will;

  • Find out what makes you great and how to shout about it
  • Get clear on what you're aiming for
  • Know where to spend your precious time to get maximum effect
  • Discover what your strengths are and how you can build on them
  • Find out what impression you create and what others think of you.
  • Learn to introduce yourself in a compelling and memorable way
  • Have a plan of what you need to do to step up and get noticed
  • Feel confident when you introduce yourself

How will it work?

You attend Base Camp with a select group of other recruits. Together you will go on a joint mission to Find your Story. You'll be given top-secret assignments and undercover missions to help you to navigate this exciting path and you will be expected to report back with your findings. The Lieutenant and your fellow recruits will be there to inspire you, annoy you and give you great feedback on your mission progress. Choose from full day manoeuvres across 2 weekends or 3hr evening manoeuvres over 4 weeks.

Who's in charge?

The Lieutenant in charge of this mission is Alexia Leachman. Alexia is a Personal Brand Coach and a Head Trash Clearance specialist whose only experience of army-like things is watching The A Team. But she knows a thing or two about branding and personal development. Having spent over 10 years working with big consumer brands and then retraining as a coach and a head trash clearance specialist, Alexia went on to develop her own methodology for discovering, defining and refining your personal brand. She spends her time working with clients 121, delivering workshops and doing talks. Her clients include entrepreneurs, CEO's and ambitious senior managers.

What's included?

  • 4 group manoeuvres (a.k.a workshops)
  • 2 Top Secret Assignments
  • 8 Undercover Discovery Missions
  • Strengths Profiling Test with in-depth personalised report [worth 90]
  • Mini-Personal Brand 360 Audit [Worth 100]
  • Personal Presence Review [Worth 100]
  • Email support from Lieutenant Leachman throughout Boot Camp.

Where is it?

There are 2 Base Camps. Both are top-secret facilities specially designed to inspire your best thinking at top-secret locations;

  • Base Camp One is in NG5, Nottingham. It's 5-minute drive north from Nottingham city centre. It's close to major flight paths and has plenty of room to park your tanks.
  • Base Camp Two is in central London inside the circle line, two strides down the black line and quite near the red line

Exact locations are on a need to know basis and will be confirmed in your mission packs.

How much is it?

The full programme is 449.
Early bird price of 379 if you book before 31st March

When is it?

Choose from joining one of 4 platoons: weekday evenings, or 2 days across 2 weekends in Nottingham or London.

1st Platoon kicks off April 26th : every Wednesday 18.30 - 21.00 for 4 weeks (Nottingham)

Nottingham 1st platoon early bird price:

Nottingham 1st platoon early normal price:

2nd Platoon kicks off May 5th : every Wednesday 17.30 - 20.00 for 4 weeks (London)

London 2nd platoon early bird price

London 2nd platoon normal price

3rd Platoon SAS June 4th & 11th: 09.30 - 17.00 (Nottingham)

Nottingham 3rd platoon early bird price:

Nottingham 3rd  platoon normal price:

4th Platoon SAS June 18th & 25th: 09.30 - 17.00 (London)

London 4th platoon normal price

London 4th platoon early bird price

Each platoon is limited to 10 places. Book early to secure your place!