One of the key actions that attendees always take away from my workshops is “I need to sort out my LinkedIn profile”.  So here I’ve decided to collate various useful resources I’ve found around the web for those that are doing just that.

So, first things first….

You need to sort out your profile.  So start by reading this…

How to produce a great LinkedIn profile This useful article is written by Mark Williams, who is the UK’s foremost Independent LinkedIn trainer and authority on all things LinkedIn! Commonly known as Mr LinkedIn he has been inspiring professionals to use LinkedIn more effectively since 2008.

What next?

Getting your profile sorted is one thing, but as I tell my clients, you need to be clear as to what you’re trying to achieve.  So, understanding WHAT you want out of LinkedIn will help you to decide HOW to use it.  If you’re now wondering “what do you mean? I just want a job!” … AHA!  there are other rich pickings my friend!  Job search is only one of many.  You might want to use it to develop you business & client base, build your personal brand, grow your network, keep in touch with people or for recruitment.  So, to save having to cover all of that here, I’ve found a great resource with bundles of articles on all of these and more right here: 100+ ways to use LinkedIn.

This article is a nice quickie to help you get your head around the top ways you can use LinkedIn to find a job  7 ways to find a job using LinkedIn

Andy Lopata, Business Networking Strategist, has some great ideas about how you can use LinkedIn as a referral tool here.

That’s it for now, but as I fnd more useful stuff I will be adding it.  Be sure to let me know how useful this is and if you find any other great resources!

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