Redundancy Rescue

Redundancy Rescue is for those people who are facing redundancy or who have recently been made redundant.  It’s also ideal for those people who are really worried about their jobs and want to prepare themselves for the possibility of finding new work.

For many people, the idea of looking for work is terrifying. Especially those who have been in the same job or company for a while. Many people in this situation feel completely overwhelmed by how the job search market has completely changed. Not only has the world of job search changed, but it’s a lot more competitive too. Recent research suggested that up to on average 60 people are applying for every job.  So if you want to stand out and get the job, you’ll need to do a lot better than to simply have a nice CV.

These days, updating your CV and reading the job pages is not enough. You need to understand the online landscape too. It is here where jobs are found, and less and less with recruitment agencies and in the job pages of the paper. So to succeed in finding new work now requires an understanding of how to make the best use of the digital landscape  so that you stand out and get noticed.

This is where Redundancy Rescue can help. It’s the ultimate job search work-out and has been designed to leave you feeling confident about finding new work that will fulfil and reward you.

This package not only includes the usual job search assistance like help with your CV, but also includes personal branding and digital coaching so that you have complete confidence in using the latest tools to maximise your success of finding work.

You might find that another job is not right for you anymore. That’s fine. This service is designed to be flexible and ensure that you explore ideas and opportunities that will ultimately fulfil you and make the most of your natural strengths and talents.

Redundancy Rescue goes right back to the beginning and helps you to understand exactly who you are and what you’ve got to offer. You will learn this from some self-exploration as well as seeking opinions from those around you. After all, you might not be able to see what makes you so great – but others can! Once you have clarity on that, you will learn how best to communicate what’s so great about you and make sure that it’s said in way that helps you to stand out from others.

You will also learn how to use the latest digital tools such as LinkedIn and Twitter so that you’re covering all your bases. And just to make sure that you’re feeling super-confident to pull all this off, you get a Head Trash Clearance session to clear out any gremlins that might be dragging you down.

Once you’ve completed this you will be bursting with confidence and be spotting opportunities everywhere! Whether you’re looking for a job or thinking about going freelance, you’ll get clarity on the right route for you. This unique blend of traditional job search assistance with personal branding and digital coaching will prepare you for today’s job search challenges.

The programme includes the following;

2 x Redundancy Rescue coaching sessions

These 2-hour sessions are over the phone or via Skype. Before each session you will have received some modules and workbooks that are designed to get you thinking. You will do your best thinking on your own, so there’s no point me being there to distract you. But, if you have any areas that you’re not sure about, we can cover them off during our sessions.

Redundancy Rescue workbooks

These workbooks have been designed to help you navigate yourself through this personal development process. They are also a great way for you to document your journey and will be invaluable for when you wish to revisit anything in the future. You will receive your workbooks in advance of each session.

Personal Brand 360 Audit Questionnaire & Report  [worth£299]

This is a personalised report that is sent to people within your network of contacts. The results are then compiled to produce your very own personalised Personal Brand 360 Audit Report telling you what people think of you and how you’re currently perceived. A lot of people love this as they discover all the great things that people love about them. They also find out stuff they need to work on. But at least you finally KNOW what people think, and can stop worrying. Typically the report is between 25-40 pages long, depending on responses.

Independent Personal Presence Assessment

This is an assessment from a leading stylist and includes feedback on your appearance, your style of communication and your posture. Ideal to find out what first impression you’re creating.

1 x Head Trash session [worth £149]

Head trash always pops, so it’s best to clear it out the way so that we can pave the way forward for success. These sessions are carried out over the phone or via Skype so that you can be in a private space, like on your sofa or bed at home.

1 x Digital Coaching Session

This is a one-to-one training session to help you to learn about digital tools such as Twitter and LinkedIn. We can set you up with profiles, and help guide you around them to make sure that you’re super clear on how best to use them.

Strengths Profiling Report [worth £90]

Understanding your strengths is key to finding work that makes the most of your natural talents and fulfils you. Redundancy Rescue includes the Buzz report, which analyses your true character so that you use your strengths to your advantage.

Help with updating & polishing your CV and online bios

Having a great CV and online presence is key. Alexia will help you to develop a CV and online bios that you can be sure will stand out for all the right reasons.

Email support throughout

Alexia will be there to support you throughout your time together so that don’t feel alone during this challenging transitional time.

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