Personal Branding and your Digital Identity

Yes, it’s been a while! Foolishly, I decided to not blog over the summer. I’d heard somewhere that that was the thing to do. Mmmmm. I’m not sure now, as I sort got out of the habit. Anyhow. *lame excuses out the way*

One of the things that’s been keeping me busy recently has been the launch of my Personal Branding Taster Sessions that I’ve been running in London and Nottingham.

The reason I decided to do these was that some people I speak to still don’t seem to understand how Personal Branding might be relevant to them. Sure, if you’re in the spotlight for whatever reason, then it’s crucial. But beyond that, folk seem to think that it’s just not relevant to them. Oh but it is! And yes, you’re thinking that I’m bound to say that.

Thankfully, the feedback from my sessions has reinforced that massively: Personal Branding IS RELEVANT & IMPORTANT.

But, if I were to be official for one second, I would summarise my main finding so far to be this…

Digital Presence
The main aspect of my attendees’ Personal Brands that seems to be in need of attention is their Digital Presence. Their digital identity will include anything from social network participation and profiles, to Google rankings and whether or not they have their own site etc.

Staggeringly, some people are still not convinced that they need to worry too much about what happens online. Comments I’ve heard include “well, in my industry, it’s all face to face and who you know” and “none of the people I know are on social networks”. REALLY? What world are they living in?

For those that are convinced that they need to clean up their digital act, they complain that they’re not tech-savvy, and that they don’t understand how the social networks work.

I find it interesting that for some, the digital landscape is still so confusing and scary, and yet, this is where social interaction and engagement is happening.

It seems that for many, their Personal Branding challenge is to understand the world of web 2.0.


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