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As a Leo, circling the limelight is in my nature so I’ve never been too far from big personal brands. I really thought I’d made it when, a lifetime ago, as a dancer, my dance gang was in demand by top DJ & dance acts at music festivals and clubs. Well, who wouldn’t want fire-breathing hotties in tribal head-dresses on stage with them? DJ-ing was my natural next step but my day job started getting serious and a decision had to be made, so the vinyl was put in the back seat. But, it wasn’t long before the celebrity circuit creeped into my day job and once again I was alongside top music acts, celebrities and fashionistas while working at things like The BRIT Awards and London Fashion Week.

Being in the presence of big personal brands is one thing, but understanding how to build a brand is quite another. Thankfully that was what my day job was all about. In my career as a brand marketer I worked on whole range of top international products and brands creating compelling messages and packages for products that had to sell by the bucket load. It was my time working in the beauty industry that taught me the power of the brand where PR is everything.

So, you’d think that all this exposure to mahoosive personal brands and branding would be enough. But no. There’s a final piece.

Personal brands are different to business brands; we’re complicated. I was complicated. My personal calamity moment came when I lost my mum to cancer. I hit an identity crisis and struggled for years trying to work out who I was and what I was about. I’m still trying to figure it out, but I’m whole lot clearer than I was. But I’m no different to anyone else. We’ve got all personal calamities, gremlins, aspirations and relationships to worry about. And if you’re going to help people with their personal brands, you need to be able to deal with all this stuff too. And if you’ve done it first hand, even better.

That’s when I knew I’d hit upon my mojo! I’ve trod that path! And, being a trained coach and being qualified in a load of head trash clearance techniques means I’ve got the holy trinity!

I now help people to clear their and find their mojo.